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Blonde Wigs / Coloured hair

Minerva Hair Export Blonde or coloured hair is an established name when it comes to 100% natural and virgin Indian human hair & Blonde wigs. According to the studies conducted Indian blonde, colour hair is the best hair available in the global market and is recommended for everyone. We maintain their natural texture and sheen sans chemicals. Our clients of Blonde wigs are from all walks of life be it Afro celebrity, teenage, housewives or professionals. Minerva is the reliable stop n shop station when investing in coloured hair & Blonde wigs. Now the darker skin women can fulfil their dream with our blonde colour range. Though we export all varieties of virgin human hair to discerning clients all over the world but our key customers are from USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, France and other African countries.

Blonde Wig / Coloured hair

Stun the audience like that of Beyonce at Grammy with her rocky waves in honey blonde hue.

Blonde Wig / Coloured Hair Products