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What does 'Remy / Remi' or "Full Cuticle" mean?

"Remy hair" or "Full Cuticle"

Hair that has been cut and maintained with the roots aligned and bound together at the top of the bundle. These bundles are carefully preserved throughout the export process and arrive till the end consumer with cuticles in one direction. Since the cuticles are in one direction, Remy hair in general lasts much longer and tends to stay shiny and "tangle free".

A large part of the source of Remy Hair are the South Indian temples. It is a very common tradition in southern part of India for people to sacrifice their hair in certain specific temples in return for the prayers that have been answered by the respective deities. The Devotee goes to the temple and gets the hair shaved from the temple. The temple authorities collect all such shaved hair from the devotees and periodically auction the hair to the various bidders.

Non Remi Hair

Hair that does not have its roots aligned. It may have been collected off the floor, or there may be some other reasons they were unable to keep the roots together and so the cuticles are not in one direction.

Non Remi hair is sold at a much cheaper price than Remi Hair.

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Since hair whose cuticle layers are running in opposite directions tends to become tangled and knotted together, this hair is chemically processed to remove the cuticle layer from the hair shaft. It is treated with hydrochloric acid bath to strip off the cuticles. A word of warning – one hydrochloric acid is hazardous, second it weakens the hair significantly. It can be compared with your hand losing its protective layer of skin.

The picture below illustrates how the cuticles look like in the natural form and after shaving them off.

Minerva Hair is a leading hair manufacturer company of india and provides
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What is "Virgin" hair ?

"Virgin" means that the hair is 100% natural human, and has never been processed with chemicals or colors. It can undergo any process your natural hair can from flat ironing to colouring. The virgin hair can be reused as many times as you wish and never lose quality.

A Virgin Remy hair is in its most natural state and is beautiful and tangle free. It is the best quality human hair available to hair extension lovers!

What is there so much spamming in the hair business?

This happens as the supply of Virgin Remy hair is limited – as said earlier the real source of remy hair are people donating their hair and the supply is thus limited to the extent of people donating their hair.

But, because of the huge surge in demand in recent times, many suppliers have sprung up and claim to offer “Remy”, “100% Human hair”, but in reality, they are providing synthetic or non-remy blended hair. The hair sold at a lot of beauty supply stores, often labeled as “virgin”, “remy” etc. is never really “virgin” or “remy” at all. As a matter of fact, most of the human hair (including commercial “remy”) available is low quality hair mostly from China. Most of those suppliers use non-remy hair (fallen hair or brush hair) to begin with, then remove all cuticles by soaking the hair in acid, chemically process it for texture, and colour it with dyes. They also coat the hair with silicone, which gives it a temporary ‘tangle free' feel and a shine, but the silicone washes off quickly and the hair becomes dry, stiff, matted and hard to detangle. After all the processing, the hair is too damaged and weak to handle any further styling such as application of heat and color that the customer might desire to do at the salon.

Hair extensions really define your personality. That's why you want your hair to flow, look, behave and feel real, natural and healthy – something that only premium virgin remy hair offers. We, at Minerva are committed to help you obtain the hair of your dream!

Why Indian Hair?

India is the largest donor base of premium Remy quality Virgin hair in the world. This is because of the tradition of donating hair in the south Indian temples.

Moreover, Indian hair is considered to be fine, lustrous and free from chemical treatments, making it suitable for manufacturing extensions.

How do I choose the length ?

You can choose the length you need using the following length chart

Minerva Hair is a leading hair manufacturer company of india and provides
online services for virgin hair extensions

Hair Care

Please follow the hair care instructions below to help maintain longevity of your hair extensions -

Before Using Hair:

Thoroughly inspect each piece making sure the color, texture, length and pattern is as per your order. We gladly accept genuine hair returns only if it is unused and unopened with ties still intact.

Hair Care Instructions:
Washing Hair: Hair extensions do not receive natural oils from your scalp like natural hair. This requires some extra care when washing. As a rule of thumb, hair should be washed and conditioned every 5-7 days.

Washing Process

  • Brush hair thoroughly prior to washing to remove any knots and/or tangles. Start at the bottom and gently work your way to the top being cautious not to pull on the hair
  • Wet hair as normal. Apply conditioner to the extensions prior to washing to help maintain moisture levels. Do not rinse. Apply shampoo (on top of conditioned extensions) and wash gently.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Apply moisturizing conditioner.

(Note: Hair extensions do not receive a benefit from your natural scalp oil, so it would be better to use a leave in conditioner if available.)

  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Wrap hair in a towel and allow the towel to absorb moisture. Avoid rubbing the towel through hair to dry.
  • Comb carefully to work through any knots and tangles that may have formed while washing.
  • Allowing hair to air-dry is best but if you need to use a blow dryer only half way (semi damp) dry it and let it finish by air drying. 

Brushing & Styling:

  • Use a soft bristle brush starting from the bottom, gently work your way up.
  • Do not tug or pull on the hair.

Additional tips & advice

  • At night, tie your hair up gently or wrap it to prevent tangling. Also make sure the hair is completely dry before going to bed
  • When swimming, always wear a cap to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water which causes the hair to