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Team Minerva / Our Team

  • Deepak Garg is the brain behind Minerva. Deepak pursued his MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad, India after engineering degree. He brings over 12 years of sales, marketing, operational and business management experience with the top consumer goods companies across various locations in India and West Africa.
  • During his stint in West Africa he updated himself with the African consumer psyche and behavior. At that time he identified the need for good quality genuine hair suppliers. His African friends asked him to source pure and virgin Indian human hair. Thus the business idea started developing.
  • He came back to India and started creating a supply link between Africa and India. With his experiences of understanding market and consumer behavior, he could foresee the growth of this business. Thus the initiation of Minerva started in September 2012. Initially it started with a small operation, gradually the demand increased as the trust developed, today Minerva is one of the most trusted and genuine Indian human hair suppliers.